The 7BOTS story

Ontdek onze chatbots

Once upon a time there was a cleaning brand called Snow White. The brand was nice enough and the product was effective, but the client base was small. Revenues sucked. Marketers and advertising agencies tried to sell Snow White expensive products to make her more attractive to customers. She refused because she felt she had to connect with customers rather than put on mascara. She fled into the woods, where she wandered and wandered until she came upon a small house. She knocked, went in and discovered seven cute little bots. The bots were very helpful, intelligent and industrious. She lived with the bots for a while, but then she began to long for her clients again. One day, a marketing consultant found out where Snow White was living. He went to her house in the woods and showed her an eye-catching campaign on his Apple computer. Snow White couldn’t resist. The result was dramatic: she fell into a deep sleep. The seven bots panicked, but they didn’t give up. They began to answer client questions in real time, push triggering messages (gifs and vids of Snow White), and help prospects navigate through the forest to their house. It worked immediately. Early in the morning, they received a visit from a wealthy client who had fallen in love with Snow White. He parked his white Tesla in front of the house and woke up Snow White. “You’re my Love Mark,” he declared. After that day, many other clients followed as the seven bots continued their diligent work. When Snow White returned home, she took her seven bots with her. And they lived happily and profitably ever after.

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